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OMNI Distribution

Membership Code



Dealers should maintain both the tangible and intangible assets of the Company at all times.


Dealers should always pay attention to maintaining the Company's product image and reputation.


Dealers should actively use, promote, and sell products, instead of just recommending that new members join the distribution team.


Dealers' business practices should comply with the provisions of laws and regulations, and they shall not commit fraud or any act that may cause the Company to publish false statements.


Regarding all tax obligations arising from the commissions of sale of the Company's products, dealers should be honest about paying such taxes. If a dealer violates the law or evades taxes, he/she shall bear the corresponding responsibility.


Dealers shall make a detailed explanation of the distribution manual and the contents of the Distribution Membership Application to their recommended new dealers. Dealers are not allowed to exaggerate, use unreasonable propaganda, or adopt deception, fraud, or coercive behaviours; dealers shall assume sole responsibility for the consequence of such behaviour.


The list of the distribution organizations collected by the dealers during the business period of OMNI business is considered part of the exclusive property and business secrets of the Company. It can only be used to promote the Company’s business endeavours and shall not be used to promote other products.


Dealers should not engage in any behaviour that discredits the Company's products or adversely affects the Company’s image or participate in such improper activities.


During the period of validity of the distribution contract and within one year from the termination of the distribution contract, any trade secret, product formulation, product source, dealer system, business information, etc., held or known by the dealer, shall be kept strictly confidential and shall not be leaked.


During the period of the distribution contract, the dealer shall not promote businesses or sell products that are in direct competition with the Company or its activities, nor induce any other dealers of the Company to engage in any direct competition with the Company.


Dealers should be faithful to the description of the Company's products; do not make any exaggerated or misleading statements for the sake of advertising or publicity.


Dealers should introduce the products based on the Company's product description, which cannot be changed.


The Company’s products are not used for the treatment of any disease. If any customer is found to have improper use or subsequent allergies to the products of the Company, the dealer shall counsel the customer or the offline organization about how to properly use the product, promptly notify the Company, and deal with the problem in accordance with the relevant procedures. In the introduction of the Company's products, dealers shall not make any diagnosis or behave as a medical professional.


Dealers shall not use other products as the Company's products or sell the Company's products with other products.


Dealers should not alter the Company's product logo or packaging, or make unauthorized modifications to the Company's products or packaging.


For products purchased from the Company, dealers should estimate the number of reasonable sales and shall not partake in hoarding. The Company reserves the right to determine the appropriate number of products provided to a dealer. If the Company finds that dealers have abnormal purchasing phenomena, such dealers will be required to make a statement. The Company may decide not to provide the Company’s products to the dealer until the dealer has provided a reasonable explanation.


In the inventory of the Company's products, dealers should pay attention to protect the quality of the Company's products, follow the Company’s instructions, and pay attention to the shelf life of the products.


Dealers shall not place the products in a store without the prior written consent of the Company and shall not set up signs, billboards, or booths at any outdoor location to sell the Company’s products.


Dealers shall not use the Company's products as promotional gifts without the prior written consent of the Company.


Dealers should pay attention to and earnestly comply with the Company's announced, amended, or new requirements at all times.


Dealers shall not promote or sell goods or services or introduce others to pyramid schemes in a manner that is deceptive or misleading. 


Dealers shall not raise funds in the name of a multi-level marketing business.


Dealers shall not engage in distribution activities contrary to public order or good faith practices.


Dealers are not allowed to visit consumers through improper direct access to consumer interests.


Dealers shall not engage in pyramid schemes that violate multi-level distribution management, criminal law, or other regulations.


If the dealer's code is violated:


If the dealer confirms that a violation of the Code (1) to (25) has taken place, the Company may notify the dealer in writing of the termination of the distribution contract.


For members in violation of the Company's contract or lifting or terminating the contract, the Company has the right to refuse the return of its goods and replacement requirements.


Contract lifting or termination


Within thirty days from the date of the contract, dealers may notify the Company in writing to lift or terminate the contract. The Company shall accept the application for goods return of the dealer within 30 days after the commencement of the contract or the termination of the contract, return the goods purchased by the dealer, and return the payment of the goods and other payments to the dealer. In accordance with relevant provisions, the Company shall refund the value of the loss of the goods and the bonus or remuneration paid to the dealer by returning the goods attributable to the dealer. For the returned goods picked up by OMNI, the freight fees shall be deducted.


Dealers may terminate the contract at any time after 30 days from the date of signing the contract and withdraw from the multi-level pyramid scheme or organization and request goods return. However, goods held for more than six months from the date of reception may not be returned. OMNI shall accept dealers' goods return requests within 30 days after the contract termination's entry into force of the application, and dealers may purchase the goods at 90% of the original price. In the case that the Company purchases the goods held by the dealer, the Company shall deduct the bonus or remuneration paid to the dealer through the transaction. The value of the goods recovered is diminished, and the amount of the impairment is deducted. For returned goods picked up by OMNI, the freight fees shall be deducted.


OMNI shall not request damages or liquidated damages arising from the lifting or termination of the contract from the dealer when the dealer is exercising his/her right of discharge or termination in accordance with the preceding two provisions. If exercised by a third party or the dealer in accordance with the preceding two regulations, the Company shall handle the return and purchase in accordance with the provisions of the preceding two articles and shall be responsible for the damages or liquidated damages arising from the cancellation or termination of the transaction by the dealer.  


OMNI and its dealers shall not obstruct the dealers' goods return according to multi-level pyramid scheme regulations in any inappropriate way. The Company may not deduct the commission, bonus, or other economic benefits if the dealer lifts or terminates the contract.


Any value impairment of goods shall be handled according to the value of the goods for the impairment provisions of said dealer's goods return method.


After the contract is canceled or terminated, members will need to wait 180 days to re-apply to join.


Where a dealer violates the OMNI International Dealer's Code, the dealer's eligibility will be revoked by the Company.


In the event of the dealer's death or incapacity, the eligibility shall be inherited by his/ her legal successor.


Heirs above the age of twenty may inherit the original dealer's rights and obligations.


In the case of heirs below the age of twenty, a legal agent shall exercise the rights and obligations of the original dealer.

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