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Advantage of Marketing Plan





Free membership fee & renewal fee

One-time consumption every year, enjoy life-long member qualifications


No Quota to fulfill

Get more Sharing Bonus with repeated purchases

Embark on a career when using the product

Purchase 50PV (RM350.00) Start your business just by using the products


E- Bonus Reward

Product redemption with e- bonus

More consumption, more benefits

High Bonus Rewards

International unlimited accumulation using a binomial system without flushing

Preferred Customers

Consumers gain benefits from sharing


Free membership fee

Purchase any product for OMNI membership

(Name, email, phone registration is sufficient)


Enjoy 10-20% of E-bonus from the purchase of any product

(Entitled 10% E-bonus for purchase order below RM 299 and 20% E-bonus for purchase order RM 300 & above)


A turn-key business plan


You can start your business with OMNI with a small investment of 50PV (about RM350.00)


Earn Sharing Bonus EVEN without personal repeated purchase


Focus on balanced binomial development and double your income
(4 bonuses, 3 dividends, 3 incentives)

Learn more about OMNI Business Opportunities?

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