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OMNI brings Vitality to our lives

Realize your dreams; Start your business with OMNI AAA

To be people-oriented and life-rebuilding

About OMNI

Providing the best natural ingredients to the body to improve bodily functions through improved absorption, this is the concept of The Power of Self-Healing promoted by OMNI Group since 1995.

Reap what you sow. We strive with our best effort to achieve our ultimate goal, which is to provide great health and satisfaction to our distinguished customers.

Mr. Morgan Lu, the Founder & Chairman of OMNI Group, has a plan to build a sustainable platform that provides and enriches lives with both wealth and healthy living.

Established in 1995, OMNI expanded quickly from Taiwan to Malaysia and Singapore.

By integrating the technology of regenerative medicine, OMNI started to offer a variety of regenerative skincare products after five years.

In the future, we will continue to build a better community based on the values of OMNI, to be people-oriented and life-rebuilding, to accomplish the Omni-Life: A Young, Healthy and Beautiful life.

Youth Missions of OMNI

Give yourself youth

start from yourself by adopting a proper health concept through supplementing appropriate nutrition and cultivate an exercise habit.

Give your family members youth

encourage family members to take part in public service activities for physical fitness improvement.

Give your friends youth

invite your friends to experience a youthful life and take part in youthful activities for a more wonderful life.

Give back to the earth

reduce unnecessary waste and practice energy conservation, and reduce the creation of carbon footprints for more youthful earth.

Three steps for an OMNI youthful life

Experience OMNI’s series of products

Actively participate in OMNI’s series of youth activities

Enthusiastically share OMNI’s youth business plan

You can totally find yourself changed from the past when doing the right thing at the right time.

Let us create an OMNI, youthful, healthy and beautiful new life together.

Founder of OMNI AAA Group 

Mr. Morgan Lu

Core advantages of OMNI


The top-level professional R&D team

cooperation with R&D professionals of the world’s only 5 laboratories with the international pharmaceutical standard (PICS GMP).

Professional marketing and promotion

Cloud network (internet & social networks), ground networks (youth activities) and people networks (community fan groups) integrated and easy to begin connecting.


Solid and sustainable operation strategy

Easy to begin & expand!

Giving back to the society

OMNI’s CSR activities contribute to society as “you enjoy youth and I donate.”

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