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OMNI best sellers

EVA 綠之華乳霜
GrapeSeed Plus
B’factor 生美因子系列
Nutri Shake

Health is the sole method for the pursuit of a happy life

OMNI initiates the health concept of the natural autotherapy mechanism “loosen the soil, apply fertilizer, and automatically regenerate” to stimulate and arouse our inherent recovery mechanism; with the active ingredients of natural elements to supplement body regeneration and zest for life. All bodily systems are perfected and balanced to operate smoothly and supplement each other for youthfulness and vitality. 

OMNI's Core Principle

OMNI products are based on the core concept of creating a balanced, youthful, healthy and beautiful life as its main objective. According to this objective, for many years, Omni has devoted itself to developing a series of products that are safe with remarkable benefits that meet the needs of everyone, to help you achieve a balanced body and mind, along with a youthful appearance and vitality.

3 Product Development Values



The company is operating at the cutting edge in collaboration with the world's top R&D teams, whether in cosmetics science research or selection for materials for biotech health food, as well as high-performance super-foods for daily necessities.


OMNI has developed a diversified series of functional products by capturing the wisdom of ancient wisdom and science; combining traditional Chinese medicine concepts with modern medicine, environmental protection and natural energy, to achieve an all-around benefit with the least amount of effort.



Each product is produced by the manufacturing process calculated in scientific method and strict quality management system in qualified manufacturing factory and raw material factory. In addition to basic patent and international standard certification, the product is inspected by internationally-recognized organizations before delivery to ensure the highest level of quality with each and every batch of produce.

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