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Grape Seed Plus

Health pioneer

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Maintain health, beauty evolution, pioneering anti-oxidant and reveal a beautiful complexion inside out

Grape Seed Plus

Health pioneer

Main ingredient

Patented OxyPhyte® Grape Seed, Acai Berry, Red Vine Leaf Extract, Camu- Camu, Lyconat® Lycopene


Adult: 2 capsules once a day before meal.

Capacity: 380mg X 120 tablets/bottle

The breakthrough technology has refined 100% pure extracts. Each capsule contains as high as 150mg of extracts which is the highest content among the products in the market. Most of the products in the market use artificial sweeteners, fillers and water as filling material. However, OMNI provides 100% anti-oxidation OPC with the most natural ingredients to the consumers.



Proanthocyanidins or oligomeric proanthocyanidins have been used in Europe for centuries, and are recognised as indispensable cellular nutrients in the United States.

Grape seeds contain a type of powerful antioxidant known as Oligoproanthocyanidin (OPC). This type of proanthocyanidins is a type of bioflavonoids, the factor that makes fruits and flowers colourful.


Our Advantage

Safe ingredients

The whole product adopts many patented ingredients and raw materials of advanced countries,

High quality and high purity.

Proven active ingredients

Unique active ingredients, tested by the ORAC value detection method of international scientific research institutions,

It can effectively increase the oxygen content by more than 32%.

Peace of mind certification

U.S. FDA (Food and Drug Administration) Gold GRAS safety guarantee, safe to use for years.

All-round compound perfect formula

The strongest combination of high-purity OPC, special freezing process berries, vitamin A, C, E,

Form the best protective net, complement each other and upgrade the protection.

Antioxidant NO.1

Having antioxidant action of vitamin C or Q from the inside of the skin shells, ruddy.

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