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Youthful life

Renew Your Business

Realize your dreams; Start your business with OMNI AAA

OMNI AAA GROUP, founded in 1995, has developed across Taiwan, Malaysia and Singapore, and has now groomed more than 20,000 members and entrepreneurs.

OMNI AAA GROUP devotes itself fully to create youthful business opportunities for everyone. We strive to build a business that “has no limitation, filled with infinite opportunities” and is also a business with minimal entry requirements. A new concept of life and a practical lifestyle.

For more than 20 years, OMNI Group has continuously worked hard at improving its core advantage and accelerating its technological development in a highly competitive direct selling industry.


Becoming a Member

Realize your dreams; Start your business with OMNI AAA

Join OMNI, start healthy, realize the beauty, and embrace youth


Career support

OMNI provides you with the necessary Training & Education


OMNI empowers your growth by providing lucrative & multi-faceted Rewards Plan and Activities

Incentive Trip & Summit Meeting

OMNI's mission

"Promote lifestyle" is more important than achieving sale

OMNI is committed to protecting the earth with a youthful lifestyle together with people who value the same, and we will strive to help more people build confidence, success and wealth.

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