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OMNI Energy

Supplements for energy wear

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Unveiling the codes of life

Uplifting the "Qi" energy

Germanium and titanium ions and colorful mineral added to improve body energy

OMNI Energy

Supplement for energy wear

Main ingredient

 52% far-infrared yarn, 33% composite anti-bacteria bamboo charcoal yarn, quick-dry fibre, energy mineral powder (germanium, titanium) 

Washing Directions

  • Hand wash, machine wash (preferably using washing bag)

  • Machine wash with slow speed

  • No bleach & softener

  • Don’t mix with other fiber


Pressure relief, fatigue relief

Deodorization, dehumidification, anti-microbial

Enhance circulation, improve metabolism

Reduce static electricity  & electromagnetic wave

Relieves pain caused by rheumatoid arthritis or sports injuries


Our Advantage 

Comprehensive function

Deodorization, dehumidification, anti-microbial, and anion and long-wavelength infrared added to easily relieve fatigue, improve energy, and adjust physiological functions.

Patented material

OMNI awaiting Europe and America patents and national certification

Special process

3D weave (socks), integrated weave technology, national-level technical research and development team, preprocessing nanometer mineral drawn-work process to achieve the durable effect. 

Economic and affordable

Reuse after cleaning, durable, not easy to deform during normal use


Special superfine fiber, fully made in Taiwan, fine and soft-touch feel, close-fitting, and comfortable

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