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With a belief in giving back to the community, OMNI also pays attention to the public welfare while promoting the youthful life.

In particular, Director Lu prefers that a healthy lifestyle starts with the daily lives of our members. Whether using OMNI products or daily uploading sports records, the Company will invest a portion of its profit into public welfare activities.

(Note: this policy is implemented according to the actual methods announced every year).


"Go Young Donation"


Go Young is my greatest objective, like a stallion


In order to encourage members to possess real health, OMNI introduced a public welfare program; as long as members' exercise time reaches 30 min or they run/ walk more than 3 km, the Company will make a donation to benefit public welfare based on the exercise mileage/ time.

In the Malaysian sports charity activities in 2017, donations were made to two indigenous kindergarten classes located nearby the Slim River to sponsor them to buy athletic equipment and hold a sports day for students.

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