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Life has no limits. Opportunities are infinite

OMNI AAA is your youthful companion forever!

Since its establishment, OMNI has been dedicated to creating a balanced life, making careers more than just work. Adhering to the 3A philosophy (Advanced products, Assurance of quality, and Affluence in life), OMNI develops products that promote health and youth, empowering everyone to be more confident and prosperous, and to build a balanced and beautiful life.



Founder Morgan Lu established OMNI with the vision of creating a company that promotes sustainable health and wealth. In the same year, the groundbreaking anti-aging product, EVA Cream, which helps people retain their youth and fight aging, was discovered.



Established Malaysia branch



Launch of the world's leading stem cell beauty achievement ~ B'factor Series


The "Go Young" Event in Taiwan and Malaysia

3 Great Communities, Socio-economic, Youth Activities

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In preparation for the next 30 years, OMNI Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore and other markets are undergoing a complete corporate renewal and corporate image renewal.

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