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B'factor Nutritious Lotion

Mildly & Highly Moisturizing

nutritious lotion


Oligopeptide-1, Hamamelis Virginiana Extract, Hyalo-Oligo, Saccharide Isomerate

How to use

Use every morning and evening after the Youth Rejuvenating Spray. Squeeze out a drop (about the size of a soybean) and apply to the skin on the fingertips.




Fast Absorption

Cream-like instantaneous absorption emulsion with soft texture, easy to apply, and becomes watery after application at room temperature.

Soothing and Low Sensitivity

Natural herbal formula without skin irritation ingredients to gently improve skin condition.

Added top-quality hyaluronic acid, allantoin, and the herbal ingredient lemongrass root interact with each other to replenish moisture in a large amount and quickly.


The special emulsification technology can be used in low oil and high moisture, designed for oily, dehydrated, waxy and lifeless skin.

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