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B'factor Aqua Lotion

Long-lasting moisture lock and firming



Witch hazel extract, small molecule hyaluronic acid, water-locking magnet

How to use

Apply the Revitalizing Lotion with your hands. Press and gently massage. The warmth of your palms will make it easier to absorb and penetrate. Apply the lotion to the entire face and neck from the inside out and from bottom to top. Gently press the skin around the eyes instead of pushing it.





OMNI B'Factor

B’Factor® contains more than 200 types of growth factors with perfect golden ratio

Hamamelis Virginiana

Balances the skin's oil secretion and strengthens the skin's defences

Hyaluronic Acid

It is a nanometer-sized molecular weight new hyaluronic acid that penetrates and cover the skin for 72 hours moisturizing.


Able to bind with amino acids in the stratum corneum. Like a magnet, it binds firmly to the surface of the skin to lock-in moisture for a long period and maintain the skin's moisture balance.


It has great antioxidant & soothing properties, helps reduce skin redness, itching and peeling. It helps improve wound healing and calms the skin.


Perfect Revitalization

Innovative research and development of a formula that arouses the skin's internal factors, so as to restore luster and elasticity from within to regain youthful firmness!

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