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Withdrawal of the 10% Referral E-Bonus of the Preferred Customer


This is to announce that the Company will withdraw the Preferred Customer referral who enjoys 10% E-Bonus effective from 1/7/2021. However, the conditions and benefits for the joining Preferred customers remain unchanged as follows: -


  • Purchases any OMNI AAA product and provides the company with basic join-in information to become a Preferred customer. 

  • Enjoy the benefit to purchase any Omni AAA products at the member price.

  • Enjoy 10% ~ 20% of E-bonus points from self-purchase of any Omni AAA products.

  • Preferred customer membership can be maintained with at least one purchase per year.

  • The application can be made for the upgrade to an OBO (OMNI Business Owner) if spending a total of 50PV during the month.


For your continued support of OMNI’s good business plan and high-quality products, let us create a comprehensive, young, healthy, and mellow life together; for which we thank you.

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