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My personal nutrition consultant

Precise, fast and healthy weight loss

Does weight loss bother you?


Brothers join the world gym with only 30% off

Aunt told you that acupuncture is the most useful

Well-known Internet celebrities push the most popular

Fasting for 3 days can only drink water

A mother heard that this post is worth five cents~

Starchy foods are not allowed now

Mage: Tian Lingling ~ Earth Lingling ~ Fat and thin spirit

Conflict in the method of network circulation?


The raw copper diet is king

Many people have success

Starch must be eaten

The source of body calories must be eaten

But do you know that exercise is not equal to weight loss?

Only dieting and not exercising won’t work

The most popular online now is

The fasting method automatically detoxifies the body

Eat a small amount of meals and be healthy without burden

Control body fat

Exercise accounts for 30%, diet accounts for 70%


Fitness trainer


Find a dietitian

OMNI diet expert

Teach you to eat healthy, energetic, and build a body without losing weight

OMNI has a research team composed of nutritionists,

Integrating hundreds of academic research and clinical experience,

Create a diet plan that is easy to practice in daily life,

Provide a customized diet to give the most real value-minus annoying fat

Our central idea

In fact, the most important thing about diet is balance! balanced! balanced!

There are various ways to lose weight and have their value

But basically a person’s health and ideal weight are still maintained at

Lifestyle and balanced diet

There are 7 major complications of excess fat, including: fatty liver, diabetes, hyperlipidemia, high blood pressure, heart disease, high uric acid, sleep apnea, all can be terrible!

Through such a process to understand and manage us

The way of eating every day brings me the knowledge that I can maintain my ideal weight for a long time

1 Convenience

1 to 1 nutritionist online consultation

You don’t have to go out to make an appointment


Good morning teacher,

Can breakfast with bread and coffee?


Well-known Internet celebrities push the most popular

Fasting for 3 days can only drink water


You can have a bun, a coffee, or black coffee (you want sugar-free)

8: 10

Nutritionist online companion guidance

Any nutrition or weight loss questions can be asked at any time


Weight goal setting and tracking

Weight, body fat, waist circumference recording function

The results are clear at a glance


Take photos to count calories

A nutritionist will help you calculate calories and nutrients

Effectively manage healthy diet


2 Custom Menu

According to personal conditions, nutritionists

People who cook by themselves or eat out, give reference standard suggestions


Staple food 10 dishes 5 fruit 5

Time 7:00. 4 2 2

Time 12:00. 3 2 2

Time 18:00. 3 1 1

If you eat out, you can eat according to the comparison table

Good teacher is home on vacation today

Cook breakfast by yourself, and then eat dinner outside

3 diet tips

It’s not that you must not eat anything to lose weight.

Eating and work and rest, if the concept is correct, it will not regain weight



The latest online nutrition consultant platform in Taiwan is trustworthy

Three stages of weight loss

The first stage

Find the problem and tailor it

Follow your life, target weight and eating habits, the nutritionist will help

You tailor a slimming plan. The key to finding obesity is guided by a nutritionist. After 4 weeks, the calories are controlled and the weight loss is effective.

The third phase

Persevere with you, perfect transformation

By the end of the course, the rate of weight loss may stagnate today.

Come on! The nutritionist will accompany you to persist and teach you how to break through the stagnation period,

Thin out new heights! You will recreate new eating habits,

Transform into a healthy and slim you.

second stage

Master dietary skills and face change

In addition to having a nutritionist every day to help calculate calories and analyze

In addition to nutrients, the nutritionist in the course will also teach you simple and easy

Practice the secrets of calorie control and nutrition knowledge, let you learn by yourself

It is the key to truly life-long "slim" use.

Program overview


3 kg plan $7500

Daily dietary guidance by nutritionist

You can talk online once a week for health education and problem consultation

The dietitian arranges the diet plan for one person

Practical Nutrition Database


5 kg Program $ 12,500

Daily dietary guidance by nutritionist

You can talk online once a week for health education and problem consultation

The nutritionist arranges the diet plan according to the personal situation

Practical Nutrition Database

Consultation after reaching the standard (4 weeks)

Free body fat meter (only once)

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